Matt Stevens (kent_allard_jr) wrote,
Matt Stevens

Latest Video Games!

First off the dock is The Long Dark, which I plowed through right before Christmas. Survival gaming at its most pure, you're stuck in the Canadian wilderness after "a geomagnetic disaster," and you have to stay warm, fed and hydrated. Animals will attack or (realistically) stay out of your way depending on your settings (I chose the latter). I lasted for a month or so (game time) before I crawled into a sleeping bag in a fishing hut and was told "you slip into the Long Night." Yep, I died! Not 100% sure why, probably from the cold (the hut didn't hold heat in as well as I'd hoped). Save files erased so I'll never know.

Next was Fallout 4 (no link because duh, it's Fallout 4). I really got into this, clocking over 140 hours which would be a record if it wasn't for Minecraft or, God help me, WoW. Maybe it was the pathos of the Sole Survivor's situation; I played a woman (as always), and a mother looking for her lost son is a potent story. The big reveal was disconcerting -- and not helped by a bug in the questline that forced me to use a cheat for progress -- and I avoided resolving the main story until I ran out of side-missions. But I enjoyed those missions, playing a ninja-type as I often do, maxing-out stealth and sneak-attacking enemies with plasma sniper rifles ... I also loved Piper, my favorite companion, who sadly rebuffed my advances (probably just as well).

Most recently I turned to Just Cause 3, a generous BD gift from wellgull and moonlightalice. Apparently the game was plagued with bugs, and got lousy reviews on Steam because of them, but when I started last week it was all patched up and I had no problems. The game is not a deep experience. You play Rico Rodriguez, Mediterranean Spider-Man with a bazooka, who returns home to "liberate" Medici (looks like Malta) by blowing much of it up. In sum: Soldiers over there, Kill They Ass. The island is extremely pretty, the game-play is repetitive but frenetic and fun. An enjoyable way to spend a couple afternoons.
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